Head of Cherkizovo bakery complex detained for wage arrears

Head of Cherkizovo bakery complex detained for wage arrears

At least 100 employees of the company haven’t received wages since August.

Law enforcement authorities detained the director of the Cherkizovo bakery, Yan Solovyov, who was suspected of not paying wages to the employees for a total of 10 million rubles ($ 150,000). Since August 2018, at least one hundred people have been deprived of income. RIA Novosti reported. 

“At the request of the prosecutor's office, the court extended the detention term regarding Solovyov, the issues of whether to him into custody will be addressed on December 21,” the press service of the Preobrazhensky District Court of Moscow told the news agency. 

Security forces conducted searches with seizure of documents at workplaces and places of residence of the bakery’s CEO and accountant. According to the BBC, Cherkizovo’s revenue went to the accounts of the trading house Nastyusha, the bakery’s subsidiary. The co-owner of the trading house was arrested in November due to debts owed to its employees, while Nastyusha was declared bankrupt. 

On December 14, the workers of the Cherkizovo bakery complex learned about the production suspension and went on a hunger strike. As of December 18, about 80 people participated in it, including production manager Galia Yakushina.



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