Hackers stole 2 bln rubles from Bank of Russia

Hackers stole 2 bln rubles from Bank of Russia

As CNN reports, hackers have stolen two billion rubles from the Russian banks with accounts in the Central Bank.

The Central Bank of Russia has confirmed this information to CNN.

As the TV channel reports citing Deputy Head of the Central Bank of Russia's Main Directorate for Security and Protection of Information Artem Sychev, hackers had tried to steel five billion rubles, but the Bank of Russia managed to repel the cyber attack.

"We've been fortunate to recover some of the money," said the Central Bank representative.

According to the Central Bank, hackers have attacked private banks and stolen money from their clients' accounts.

The Central Bank has failed to specify when the hacking took place. However, as CNN notes, the attack is similar to those that have been occurring recently all over the world. The TV channel recalls the attacks on the Philippines and Vietnam several months ago as well as Ecuador and Bangladesh last year.

The information of theft of funds from the Central Bank has appeared in the shadow of the  FSB reports on the fact that foreign special services are preparing large-scale cyber attacks against Russia to destabilize its financial system, including the activities of a number of the largest banks. The office said that the command centers for the hackers' attacks are located in the Netherlands and owned by a Ukrainian company BlazingFast.



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