God Kuzya’s prison term reduced, his accomplice released

God Kuzya’s prison term reduced, his accomplice released
Andrey Popov also known as ‘god Kuzya.’

The main defendant in the case created a cult and got the money from its followers.

The Moscow City Court recalculated the prison terms of the defendants in the case of god Kuzya, who stole more than 7 million rubles ($ 105,000) from the followers of the cult created by Andrey Popov and other citizens. The appeal courts took into account the formula adopted by the Russian President in July 2018, according to which one day in a pre-trial detention facility equals to one and a half days in the prison, RIA Novosti reports.

“The custody term of Andrey Popov and Galina Markevich from September 10, 2015, of Zhanna Frolushkina and Nadezhda Rozanova – from September 17, 2015 to the day of entry into force of the sentence – November 26, 2018, inclusively, to be set off calculated as each day in custody for a day and a half in the penal colony,” the judge announced the verdict.

Since Markevich had already served the term, she was released in the courtroom.

The Presnensky Court of Moscow convicted Andrey Popov and his accomplices of fraud. Popov called himself god Kuzya and, with the help of the followers, collected money from citizens, allegedly for the construction of a church and charitable purposes. Popov kept his followers in his apartment, and often resorted to violence, including sexual violence. As a rule, the adherents of his religious teachings broke all ties with relatives, and often even sold real estate, in order give the money to Popov.

The court sentenced god Kuzya to five years in a general regime colony, chief accountant of the cult Galina Markevich – to 4.9 years, and Popov’s assistants Nadezhda Rozanova and Zhanna Frolushkina received 4.10 and 4.11 years respectively.



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