Germany: accomplice of Kadyrov’s ex-envoy in Ukraine detained

Germany: accomplice of Kadyrov’s ex-envoy in Ukraine detained
Ramzan Tsitsulaev and Ramzan Kadyrov

‘Cashier’ known as Ruslan Barkovsky is considered Ramzan Tsitsulaev’s accomplice in abduction in 2014.

Major ‘cashier’ known as Ruslan Barkovsky suspected of involvement in abduction of a businessman Ali Zakriev in 2014 has been arrested in Germany, reports Rosbalt with reference to a source within law enforcement.

According to the agency’s source, Barkovsky had been living in Austria over the last years. In 2017, he was arrested there at the request of Russia. However, soon after, he was released on bail, and was not extradited. This week, Barkovsky has set off for Germany where he was arrested by local police as the person put on an international wanted list. The General Procurator’s Office of the Russian Federation is preparing documents for his extradition.

The investigation theory is that Barkovsky - along with an owner of a payment system Delta Key Andrey Novikov and his business partner Ali Zakriev - had actively taken part in schemes of an illegal encashment. At some point, large amount of money went through Novikov and Zakriev. More than 100 million rubles ($1.5 million) went missing. Novikov assumed his partner had stolen the money.

The owner of Delta Key turned to Barkovsky for help. Barkovsky, in his turn, contacted an envoy of head of Chechnya in Ukraine Ramzan Tsitsulaev. The investigation theory is that in 2014, Barkovsky and Tsitsulaev’s guard had stolen Zakriev and his bodyguard. They were kept in an apartment for 2 days and demanded to pay back the allegedly stolen money. After that, Zakriev was taken to a hotel Golden ring where he admitted the debt in the presence of Tsitsulaev and promised to pay back.

After that, the businessman reported to law enforcement. Andrey Novikov and Tsitsulaev’s guard Adlan Taramov were arrested for abduction.

Kadyrov’s ex-envoy in Ukraine was put on a wanted list. In October, 2017, Tsitsulaev was detained by the National Security Agency as the person whose presence in Ukraine was unwanted. He was deported to Russia. After the border crossing, he was detained by Russian law enforcers and convoyed to Moscow.

According to the source of Rosbalt, in 1990s, Barkovsky was known as Zaur Balaev in Russia. It is known that he has genuine passports of a citizen of Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Spain. According to sources, in 2011-2013, more than 200 billion rubles ($3.1 billion) of Master-bank had been converted into cash and siphoned off abroad through Barkovsky-Balaev. One of the major investment companies is reported to have been under his control at one point.



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