Gang creation accusation levelled against bankers who stole Roscosmos' $98m

Gang creation accusation levelled against bankers who stole Roscosmos' $98m
Former First Vice President of the Fundservicebank Pyotr Ladonshchikov Photo: Kommersant

According to the investigation, more than 10 people were members of the gang controlled by ex-managers of Fundservicebank.

Former top managers of Fundservicebank Alexander Volovnik and Pyotr Ladonshchikov, suspected of organizing a criminal community and embezzling about 6.5 billion rubles ($98m) of Roscosmos, were placed under house arrest. Kommersant reports this.

According to the edition, the Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is investigating this case. In addition to the two top managers, the defendants in the case are 11 people who may face gang creation accusations.

It is noteworthy that Volovnik and Ladonshchikov spent a year in the SIZO, but earlier they were charged with Embezzlement and Misappropriation (part 4 of Article 160 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). Now they were supposed to go free, but the new article allows extending the terms of detention up to one and a half years. However, the Moscow City Court did not satisfy this petition of the investigation and placed the suspects under house arrest.

As the source of the newspaper said, investigative actions against former top managers could be completed in July, after which they would review the case materials.

In total, three more businessmen were detained within this case; they, according to the investigation, withdrew Fundservicebank money through the accounts of their own firms. During the searches, the merchants seized a large amount of cash. Another seven new defendants appeared in the case only in March of this year, they signed recognizance not to leave. According to some sources, such a humane attitude to the alleged participants in embezzlement and gang creation is due to their insignificant roles in the incriminated crime, as well as cooperation with the investigation.

The criminal case of embezzlement of Roscosmos funds deposited in the rocket and space branch of Fundservicebank was initiated in August 2015. Then about 47 billion rubles ($760m) belonged to Roscosmos got caught up at the bank, some of them disappeared.

Initially, the investigation found that Mr. Volovnik organized embezzlement of only 1.38 billion rubles from the bank, which were siphoned off, including abroad, through one-day companies that received non-performing loans. However, after the arrest of Mr. Volovnik and his deputy Ladonshchikov, the amount of alleged theft increased to 6 billion rubles. And afterwards, after interrogation of businessmen connected with bankers, the amount increased by another 600 million rubles. In addition, during the interrogation of new persons involved in the case, companies that received bad loans from the bank and employees of the bank that participated in the fraud were identified. As a result, new defendants appeared - owners of one-day firms that were included in the criminal chain for cashing or laundering money stolen from the bank.

At the same time, the arrested people are unlikely to recover the damage caused to the state - last year the court found Volovnik bankrupt in the suit of Sberbank and VTB, he owed more than 7.8 billion rubles to them.



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