Fugitive oligarch Manashirov’s Moscow shopping center Armada and other assets arrested by court

Fugitive oligarch Manashirov’s Moscow shopping center Armada and other assets arrested by court

Investigators have questions to the legalness of real estate property acquisition.

At the request of the Russian Investigative Committee the court seized the property of the fugitive oligarch Solomon Manashirov. The criminal case was initiated against him under Art. 199 of the Criminal Code in April 2016.

A law enforcement source told Life that the furniture shopping center Armada and his assets in other companies got pulled under distrainment. It is known that Manashirov’s family also owns the shopping center Prazhsky, the exhibition center Gem and the shopping center Karenfor. In addition, Manashirov’s property on the Rublevskoe highway is partly arrested, the investigation will check the legality of its acquisition.

The source also noted that the investigation has questions to the legality of the shopping center Columbus’s acquisition, in which assets there is a share of the former Deputy Ildar Samiev. In particular, the investigation verifies the validity of the land allocation for a shopping center construction.

Recall that Solomon Manashirov, who is accused of tax evasion amounting to more than 1 billion rubles, was charged in absentia in re the legalization of criminal money in the beginning of October. According to investigators, Manashirov is also the leader of the organized crime group, which included several influential businessmen and Manashirov’s brother Roman. Previously, he was known as an influential solver, who was able to resolve any issue with the security forces. In November 2015 Roman was arrested for the bribe transfer to the MID MIA employees.

Wanted Solomon Manashirov is currently hiding from the investigation in Israel. The ICR intends to ask the Israeli authorities for the extradition of the suspect in Russia.



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