Fugitive ex-Senator Lebedev turns to have more luxurious property than Shuvalov

Fugitive ex-Senator Lebedev turns to have more luxurious property than Shuvalov

Mansions worth 500 million rubles next to the cottage of the LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky, a 15-room apartment of 760 sq. m., and three combined apartments at the Patriarch Ponds with a total area of 400 sq.m. — this is not the full extent of Lebedev’s property. Meanwhile, the oligarch stands accused of swindling.

The former Senator from Chuvashia and the co-owner of the Sintez Group Leonid Lebedev, who has been put on the federal wanted list, is facing arrest of property.

The investigation believes that 13 objects of luxurious real estate in Moscow and Moscow Region and 10 plots of land worth 5 billion rubles, found in the property of the former Federation Council member and his wife, were purchased with money received as a result of swindling.

According to Life.ru, Lebedev built his mansions in the elite cottage villages mainly in the Odintsovo district of the Moscow Region. Investigators found that ex-Senator had four town houses and 10 plots of land with total area of ​​27 thousand sq. m. in the Moscow Region. Near the famous Peredelkino, Lebedev built a mansion worth 500 million rubles, with additional 14 thousand sq. m. of land for 250 million rubles.

In the village of Daryino, Odintsovo district, near a summer residence of Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Lebedev has two modest mansions worth 500 million. But then again, he owns the land with an area of ​​10 thousand sq.m., estimated at 100 million rubles.

In addition, the former lawmaker has relatively low-cost apartments in Korolevo and Vnukovo, the Moscow Region.

The businessman did not forget to purchase apartments in Moscow itself. After examining the documents of the Federal Service for State Registration, it became clear that Leonid Lebedev had nine objects of luxury real estate registered on him in Moscow’s prestigious areas — on the Arbat, Nikitskaya street, Chistiy lane, and Malaya Bronnaya.

It is noteworthy that the oligarch did not limit himself to a single apartment, usually buying out the entire floor or two, restructuring the apartments into duplex.

On the Chistiy lane, 10, Leonid Lebedev went even further and acquired an entire section of the building. The apartments there were combined into a multi-level one with 15 rooms and a total area of ​​760 sq. m. Thus Lebedev broke the record for the luxurious apartments metric area recently set by the Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, with his combined area of ​​10 apartments on the Kotelnicheskaya embankment being 710 sq. m.

The cost of Lebedev’s 4 apartments in a historic building at the Patriarch Ponds on the Malaya Bronnaya, 23, which was often visited by the writer Mikhail Bulgakov, is estimated at 1 billion rubles. Here, three of the four apartments acquired by Lebedev are combined into a single 400-meter apartment, the fourth is situation in the next section of the building. Lebedev’s property on Arbat is much less a luxury — a three-room apartment for 40 million rubles, and even a studio for 25 million.

Meanwhile, Life.ru notes that the cost of Lebedev’s real estate does not cover the amount of damages charged against him. At the current exchange rate 20 million USD are equivalent to 14 billion rubles.

The co-owner of the Sintez Group and the majority shareholder of TGK-2 Lebedev stands accused of a fraud on a considerable scale, when some 220 million USD were stolen from the company. The criminal case was opened against Lebedev under part 4 of art. 159 of the Criminal Code.

In addition, three days ago the Moscow investigative authorities filed a second case against him for concealing his Cyprus citizenship. Investigators believe that the former senator moved his main assets to Cyprus and to used them as a full citizen of that country. Lebedev himself, according to his lawyer, has not lived in Russia for more than a year.



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