Fugitive evading house arrest, former Rosreestr official Boris Avakyan notified Investigative Committee

Fugitive evading house arrest, former Rosreestr official Boris Avakyan notified Investigative Committee
Boris Avakyan

The former state official accused of smuggling explained that he had fled due to illegal persecution and threat to his life.⁠

The former official of the St. Petersburg Department of the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography Boris Avakyan has written a letter to the name of Investigator for particularly important cases Oleg Martynov, RBC reported. In the letter, he explained that he considers the accusations made against him unfounded. Should new charges be brought, he would go to the pre-trial detention center, which might pose a danger to his health and life. It should be reminded that Avakyan, who had been charged under Evasion of Customs Payments Collected from Organizations or Natural Person (Art. 194 of the Russian Criminal Code), had been under house arrest. He went missing last week. The accused is presumed to be in Armenia, having passed through Belarus and Ukraine. Although the former Rosreestr employee’s mother, who lives in a Caucasian country, categorically denies her son is in his homeland. It is known that the prisoner is not wearing an electronic bracelet, because the local department of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia did not have any when a measure of restraint was applied. 

It should be noted that Avakyan had already violated the conditions of house arrest. For example, August 30, he was seen in a beauty salon, where he had his nails done. Officers of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia last visited him at home on September 5. It is noteworthy that the wedding of Avakyan and model Yuliya Ionina, the winner of the international beauty contest Queen of the World - 2014 was set for September 12. The ceremony was to be held in the evening in the Pushkin district registry office, St. Petersburg.

Avakyan was detained by officers of the Department K of the FSB Economic Security Service during a meeting with journalists on July 28 in Moscow. The following day he was taken to St. Petersburg, where the Kronstadt Court placed him under house arrest.

According to investigation, the former official is a member of smugglers group, which has been importing clothes and electronics under the guise of cheap construction materials to the Russian Federation. Damage from these activities is estimated to be over 800 million rubles. However, the amount may be increased to 4 billion rubles.

In a letter to the name of the investigator, the defendant claims that the case against him was fabricated. The interested parties include former operative of the Main Directorate for Combating Smuggling of the Russian Federal Customs Service Pavel Smolyarchuk and former Head of the 7th Division of the Department K of the FSB Economic Security Service, supervising the customs office, Vadim Uvarov. Late last year they were detained on charges of corruption. Avakyan served as a witness and accused the former security officials of involvement in the illegal customs clearance.

According to some reports, the arrest of Smolyarchuk and Uvarov could as well as be the cause of personnel changes in the Federal Security Service and the Federal Customs Service, which resulted in the resignation of the Head of the Customs Service Belyaninov. 



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