FSB searches head of village in Yamal

FSB searches head of village in Yamal

According to preliminary information, the operative actions are related to the case of the theft of $ 36,700.

Officers of the FSB’s Directorate for the Tyumen Region came to the head of a Yamal village of Purovsk, Vladimir Nikitin, and conducted a search as part of the investigation into the theft of 2.35 million rubles ($ 36,700), URA.ru reports, citing a source in the Yamal government. According to the publication’s interlocutor, the search is related to a criminal case against the acting CEO of the MUE Purovsky municipal systems, Vitaly Borodin.

According to the investigation, from May to December 2018, Borodin committed a crime by prior agreement with a private businessman to execute a contract for the overhaul of outdoor utility systems. The swindling was revealed after numerous complaints from local residents about the quality of the water, despite the repairs.



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