FSB requalifies charges against brother of former Rosgosstrakh owner

FSB requalifies charges against brother of former Rosgosstrakh owner
Sergey Khachaturov

The maximum sentence for both articles is the same – up to 10 years of imprisonment.

The FSB investigators requalified the charge against the former vice-president of the Rosgosstrakh group of companies, Sergey Khachaturov, from embezzlement to fraud, TASS reported referring to the materials of the case, read out during the consideration of the businessman's complaint on the extension of his custody term in the Moscow City Court.

“On August 29, Khachaturov was charged under part 4 of Article 159 CCRF (fraud on an especially large scale),” the judge said. Earlier, the charge against Sergey Khachaturov was brought under part 4 of Article 160 CCRF (embezzlement).

According to Sergey Khachaturov’s lawyer Viktor Makarenko, “the actual circumstances remained the same, the charge was set out in a new edition, his actions were qualified under part 4 of Article 159 CCRF.”

Khachaturov asked the court to soften his pre-trial restriction measure and send him under house arrest, but the court found no grounds for this and considered it legitimate to extend the term of Khachaturov's custody. The businessman will stay in a pre-trial detention facility until November 17.

Sergey Khachaturov is a former vice-president of Rosgosstrakh and CEO of RGS Aktivi LLC. He was taken into custody in the Lefortovo Court of Moscow on April 18.

Khachaturov is charged with stealing a stake in Rosgosstrakh PJSC, owned by RGS Aktivi LLC. The buyer was Bank Trust, which is now included in the reorganization of the Otkritie Bank. The amount of the stoled funds, according to the investigation, is more than 1 billion rubles ($ 15,124 million).

The businessman’s defense insists that the shares were legitimately sold via direct exchange transaction. Khachaturov’s case is being investigated by the Investigation Directorate of the FSB.

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