FSB detained Roskosmos ex-CEO's son-in-law accused of stealing GLONASS's funds

FSB detained Roskosmos ex-CEO's son-in-law accused of stealing GLONASS's funds
The businessman accused of embezzling GLONASS's funds detained

Igor Polishkarov is suspected in the siphoning off 85 million rubles through one-day firms.

FSB officers arrested fugitive businessman Igor Polishkarov, who is accused of embezzlement of budget funds allocated for the creation of the Federal Target Program (FTP) GLONASS, according to Kommersant. The businessman, who is internationally wanted since 2014, is the son-in-law to ex-Head of Roskosmos Oleg Ostapenko.

Former manager of the firm Sinertek Polishkarov was detained at a Moscow airport on January 23, 2017. According to sources, the businessman decided to return from Venezuela to Russia because of financial problems. The detainee was immediately taken to the pre-trial detention center Butyrka. Roskosmos and JSC Russian Space Systems (RSS) did not give any official comments on the matter, however, according to unofficial information, the companies' management was "promptly informed".

A criminal investigation into the embezzlement of 85 million rubles from the budget was instituted in 2012. The ground became the materials of internal audit of ex-Head of Roskosmos Vladimir Popovkin, who handed it over to law enforcement authorities. In the investigation 11 people became involved; among them there are former general directors of LLC Sinertek - Vladimir Polishkarov and Evgeny Motornov. According to investigators, RSS concluded four contracts with Sinertekom to conduct various research and development activities, as well as the purchase of necessary equipment. It was found that after signing the contract the contractor, where Sinertek's head son Igor Polishkarov and his wife, daughter of the former Head of Roskosmos Elena Ostapenko, worked, signed contracts with more than 140 different individuals and legal entities for the performance of work. However, as the investigation established, the promised work was not done, and the money in the amount of 85 million rubles were siphoned off through one-day firms of Igor Polishkarov.

Previously, other suspects in the GLONASS case have already sentenced to real terms: Leonid Khristoforov and Vladimir Pisarev, who were participants in the scheme for the withdrawal of budgetary funds, were sentenced to 3 and 2.5 years in colony respectively.



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