FSB Constitutional Department officers accused of major fraud

FSB Constitutional Department officers accused of major fraud

The special services officers have been placed under house arrest.

Two FSB officers of the constitutional protection service, Sergey Bogdanov and Sergey Ivanov, have been placed under house arrest on charges of major fraud (part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), as reported by RBC.

The publication states that the arrest was carried out back in April, but the information about it was not reported until now. The investigators believe that Ivanov and Bogdanov extorted money from the owners of Moscow Holiday LLC, a company that operates the Moscow Holiday Hotel in Mnevniki. The officers offered their services against the background of a heated conflict between the building owners and the company.

The fighters against extremism (which is what the constitutional FSB department does) demanded 5 million rubles a month for the settlement of the dispute.

Earlier it was reported that a criminal case against 15 officers of the FSB had been initiated with soldiers of the Alpha special forces unit and the Vympel detachment among them. Seven have been detained; five are in a detention facility and two under house arrest. The rest are wanted.



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