FSB arrests singer-rainmaker Aray Balevsky for $1.8mn fraud

FSB arrests singer-rainmaker Aray Balevsky for $1.8mn fraud
The singer calls himself a "clairvoyant pagan"

Investigators check connections of the showman with an ambiguous reputation in law enforcement and Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS).

Employees of the FSB and the police detained a singer, showman and restaurateur Aray Balevsky in Moscow when he was receiving a "doll" imitating $1 mln, Kommersant reports.

The showman expected to receive this sum from representatives of the energy company with a small turnover supplying energy to several small towns, for settling its long-standing dispute with the FAS and the FTS (Federal Tariff Service). A few years ago it had a dispute with the FAS and the FTS about the number of tariffs for the purchase of electricity, which resulted in serious losses for the company with a small turnover. In 2012, the company's lawyers won all arbitration proceedings from the FAS, which was supposed to compensate for the company's financial losses for more than 220 million rubles ($3.4 mln), although the energy company was more interested in the recognition of earlier published tariff regulations illegal. In the summer of 2018, some intermediary recommended representatives of the company to turn to the Moscow singer Aray Balevsky, who told power engineers that he was ready to solve their problem using his relations with the FAS and law enforcement agencies.

The showman first requested $1 million, but then increased the amount. Subsequently, Balevsky counted on the second tranche of $800,000, but representatives of this energy company wrote a statement to the police about the showman. In the evening of September 27, when the singer Aray Balevsky was handed a package with a paper "doll" in one of the commercial banks, the operatives of the FSB Directorate and Department for Economic Security and Combating Corruption of the Main Directorate of the MIA detained him.

The criminal case against Balevsky was instituted for a particularly large-scale fraud (part 4 of article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), while law enforcement officers are trying to find out whether the singer-fixer really had connections with the antimonopoly service and law enforcement agencies.

The media outlet notes that the 41-year-old native of one of the Caucasian republics of the former USSR, Aray Balevsky, performs both dance compositions and jazz, calls himself the owner of a "unique tenor-altino," but is not known to the general public. He is the general director of OOO Vzboddris ('Cheer Up LLC'), which owns an art club on Bolshaya Yakimanka Street.

It is reported that the ties with the siloviki of the singer with an extremely ambiguous reputation with will be assessed during the investigation. A 22-year old police trainee came, who spends much time with Balevsky and travels with him to rest abroad, came to meet the energy company representatives with him. He goes as a witness in the case, but according to the media, he will be dismissed from the police for his ties with a singer with a very mixed reputation. The investigation also studies other friends of Aray Balevsky from various law enforcement agencies, the employees of which also may well get ideas about the inadmissibility of such contacts and the corresponding moral character.



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