Fraudsters attempted to steal over $381 m from bank accounts this year

Fraudsters attempted to steal over $381 m from bank accounts this year

Fraudsters tried to withdraw money from the accounts in Sberbank, VTB and Alfa Bank.

For the first six months of 2019, there have been attempts to steal over 24 billion rubles ($381 m) from the accounts of the largest Russian banks, informs Izvestia, citing credit organizations.

According to the newspaper, Sberbank has thwarted embezzlement in the amount of 18 billion rubles ($285.7 m), VTB - 5.4 billion rubles ($85.7 m), Alfa-Bank - not less than 700 million rubles ($11.1 m), Pochta Bank - 135 million rubles ($2.1 m), Moscow Credit Bank - 10 million rubles ($158.7 thousand). The Central Bank has not commented on these data.

Central Bank reported that in 2018, fraudsters stole about 1.4 billion rubles ($22.2 m) from citizens' cards, which was 44% more than in the previous year.

Enhanced actions of fraudsters and tightened requirements of the Central Bank cause credit organizations to strengthen the anti-fraud protection. The banks claim that swindlers steal money only in 3 to 4% of cases.

According to the Head of the analytical center Zecurion, Vladimir Ulyanov, fraudsters are trying to steal money from citizens' accounts more often. This leads to increased volumes of prevented write-offs. Alexander Kruglov, a senior analyst at Digital Security, noted that the proportion of cases in which criminals succeeded is small. According to him, the main security problems are more often found on publicly available web resources, and a large number of reports of fraud attacks were received in 2019 from Sberbank clients.

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