Founder of bitcoins exchange Alexander Vinnik laundered billions of drug barons?

Founder of bitcoins exchange Alexander Vinnik laundered billions of drug barons?
Alexander Vinnik

According to experts, the monthly turnover of BTC-e was at least $444 million.⁠

Since the end of 2013, BTC-e, controlled by Russian Alexander Vinnik, has become the main platform for financial transactions for drug traffickers from all over the world, delivering hashish, cocaine, heroin, marijuana and derivatives for synthetic drugs to Russia. This is reported by with reference to its sources.

The administrator of one of the sites of darknet estimated the volume of the market of financial transactions with drugs passing through BTC-e, to 2 billion rubles ($33.6m) a month. However, this calculation does not take into account the Spice trade, which accounts for more than 80% of all transactions. Thus, the turnover from transactions with banned substances may amount to 20 billion rubles ($336m) a month.

According to sources, only 3.73% of the global volume of transactions passed through the BTC-e last month. About 177 thousand bitcoins, which is about 444 million dollars or 26.5 billion rubles.

At the same time, most of the funds passed through the exchange using the so-called bitcoin mixers - services to break up transactions into smaller ones to avoid blocking. Then the crypto currency would be exchanged into real dollars or euros. In most cases, these services were used by drug dealers.

At the moment, significant changes are taking place in the market of crypto-currencies, in connection with which its main participants withdraw funds for gray schemes. Most of these operations occurred through the BTC-e.

As the CrimeRussia previously told, Vinnik is suspected of hacking into the Mt.Got crypto exchange and theft of considerable funds from there. According to US law enforcement officers, the first theft took place in 2011. By the end of 2013, the amount of stolen funds amounted to about 630 thousand bitcoins. As it was established by US special services, the stolen money was pumped to BTC-e wallets, and then cashed.

Virtually all the stolen funds led to the anonymous wallets under the name WME. A group of enthusiasts WizSec found that Alexander Vinnik is behind this account, however, they considered that this was just one of the aliases of a certain hacker. According to documents provided at the trial in the US, Vinnik tried in every possible way to hide his connection with the theft of funds from Mt.Got.

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