Former Transaero CEO arrested in absentia for embezzlement and non-payment of wages

Former Transaero CEO arrested in absentia for embezzlement and non-payment of wages
Photo: Marina Lystseva / TASS

Alexander Burdin is on the international wanted list, charged with abuse of authority, embezzlement and non-payment of wages to the company employees for more than two months.

Moscow Meshchansky Court arrested the former general director of Transaero, Alexander Burdin, in absentia on charges of non-payment of salaries to the company employees, embezzlement and abuse of office, TASS reported.

The court granted the motion to arrest Burdin, who is on the international wanted list now. The verdict will enter into force after the businessman is detained.

Burdin is charged with the violation of part 2 of Art. 145.1 of the Criminal Code ("Non-payment of Salaries, Wages, Pensions, Stipends, Benefits and Other Payments"), part 4 of Art. 160 (Misappropriation or Embezzlement committed by an organised group or on an especially large scale), part 2 of Art. 201 (Abuse of Authority, which has involved grave consequences), said Yulia Kotomina, press secretary of the court.

Transaero Airlines stopped operating in the fall of 2015 due to a debt of 250 billion rubles ($3.7b). The company was declared bankrupt in September 2017. Ex-CEO Alexander Burdin headed VIM-Avia until the end of October 2017, when the company's website posted a message that the position was taken over by Vyacheslav Kononenko, who had been Transaero’s first deputy director for operations.

VIM-Avia canceled all charter flights in September 2017 due to financial strains and a shortage of working capital. It was preceded by a series of delays at Russian and foreign airports. The ICR initiated a swindling case (Art. 159) and detained the company's general director Alexander Kochnev and chief accountant Ekaterina Panteleeva.



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