Former Transaero CEO accused in absentia in three articles

Former Transaero CEO accused in absentia in three articles

Employees of the bankrupt airline received the wage arrears.

The former head of the bankrupt Transaero airline, Alexander Burdin, was accused in absentia of not paying salaries to employees (Article 145.1 CCRF), misappropriation and embezzlement (part 4 of Article 160 CCRF) and abuse of authority (part 2 of Article 201 CCRF), the ICR reports. Burdin left Russia in February, before the criminal case was initiated. The defendant does not admit his guilt, RIA Novosti reports.

According to the investigators, from March 4 to October 2016, Burdin spent Transaero's money at his own discretion, not on the remuneration of the company's employees. The total debt amounted to 677 million rubles ($ 10,2 million). As of now, only 625 million rubles ($ 9,5 million) have been paid to 5953 employees.

In the criminal case, the court arrested the alleged accomplice of the crime – insolvency officer of SRO AAU Evrosib Mikhail Kotov.

Transaero stopped operating in the fall of 2015 due to a debt of 250 billion rubles ($ 3,8 billion). In September 2017, the arbitration court declared the company bankrupt.



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