Former partner of Prikhodko's family wanted

Former partner of Prikhodko's family wanted

The Interior Ministry suspects Interprombank co-owner Vitaly Zhogin of fraud.

Co-owner of Interprombank Vitaly Zhogin became a figurant of the criminal case over fraud on an especially large scale. The banker managed to escape abroad but is put only into the federal wanted list. Investigators of the Ministry of Internal Affairs also intend to petition for his absentee arrest and international search, RBC writes referring to a source in law enforcement agencies.

Another interlocutor of the portal, close to Interprombank, says that Zhogin suffers from a severe illness and has not been seen for three years. The banker notified the investigation about the health deterioration in 2015.

According to the Central Bank, Zhogin controls 6.7% of shares of Interprombank. The primary beneficiaries of the bank are representatives of the New Stream group, in particular, its co-owner and founder, the shareholder of the Antipinsky refinery, Dmitry Mazurov (he owns 21.19% of the bank), who in 2016 replaced Zhogin as chairman of the bank board directors.

Also, significant shares (19.32%) in the bank are kept by developer Israel Yakubov, as well as the family of Senator Valery Ponomarev (5.89%), who gets second place in Forbes rating of the wealthiest civil servants according to income data for 2017.

Zhogin was also a co-founder of the Fairway yacht club together with the wife of the current first deputy head of the government apparatus, Sergei Prikhodko. Prikhodko stated in an interview with Vedomosti in 2013 that Fairway “is the non-profit organization for sports and recreation of my family and friends."

Zhogin was a co-owner of the club until 2014.

The management of the credit institution believes that Zhogin "attempted to take over the company." He ordered to issue loans to the Interprombank management company - Interprom Capital. Later Zhogin demanded debts’ repay in court. The court attached 250 million rubles of the co-owner.

The banker's defense believes that a criminal case against their client is an attempt to avoid paying off debts.



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