Former MP accused of real estate fraud

Former MP accused of real estate fraud
Ildar Samiev

This is the second episode of fraud, upon which former MP Samiev is accused.

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation initiates a criminal investigation into the fact of a large scam with real estate, and its affected is Fyodor Smolov, forward of the Russian national football team. The football player bought an apartment for 191 million rubles ($3.3m) from former State Duma deputy Ildar Samiev, but it turns out that the flat is mortgaged.

According to the investigation, former deputy from the A Just Russia party Ildar Samiev found the football player last spring. He offered the athlete to buy an apartment in the area of 194 square meters located in an elite Moscow residential complex Knightsbridge Private Park in Khamovniki for almost 191 million rubles ($3.3m). Smolov became interested in it, as he was assured that this was very cheap and similar apartments cost 10-20 million more. A good discount was explained by the fact that one of the co-investors in the construction of Knightsbridge Private Park, Optima Property Management LLC, is controlled by the structures of Ildar Samiev.

March 16, 2017 the football player’s father and a representative of the ex-deputy signed a contract of sale. According to the Investigative Committee, he spent 163.5 million rubles in various currencies. The money was transferred to Ildar Samiev's authorized representative Rostislav Ilyuk.

The remaining amount would be paid after the apartment’s registration. However, problems arose. During the procedure for registering the ownership right, it suddenly turned out that the apartment was pledged to Svyaz Bank. His claim to this issue was put out to director of Optima Property Management LLC Viktor Molchanov. But Molchanov convinced the athlete to sign an additional agreement, according to which the remaining amount would be paid for the apartment, and the seller would square up with the bank within two months. Smolov paid the remaining 27.6 million rubles on June 10, 2017, but the structure of Ildar Samiev did not keep its commitments.

On February 7, a criminal case was initiated against the former deputy under part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code (Swindling on an especially large scale). According to the investigation, Samiev did not plan to fulfill his obligations either to Svyaz Bank or to Fyodor Smolov. Representatives of Smolov refused to comment on the matter.

Note that this is at least the second episode of fraud, in which former MP Samiev is accused. Samiev was detained upon a completely different case on September 13, 2017. The Risegate Enterprises Ltd Company accused the deputy of fraud with suburban real estate worth about 850 thousand dollars. Moreover, the scheme used by accused Samiev in 2012 is very similar to that used to deceive football player Smolov. Then controlled by the former deputy Soratnik LLC sold Risegate Enterprises Ltd 23 hundred square meters of land and cottage located in the Krasnogorsky district of Moscow region. After receiving the agreed amount from the buyer, the property was not registered, and the money just disappeared.



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