Former management of Promsberbank destroyed credit histories of fly-by-night companies

Former management of Promsberbank destroyed credit histories of fly-by-night companies
Photo: Yekaterina Lipatova / Kommersant

Bankers managed to withdraw 3 billion rubles through fly-by-night companies. The Deposit Insurance Agency cannot recover the stolen money, as the borrowers’ companies have long ceased to exist.

The suspects in the criminal case of the withdrawal of 3.26 billion rubles from JSC Promsberbank familiarized with the case materials which consist of 99 volumes. Soon, the case will be forwarded to the Prosecutor General's Office for official allegations, Kommersant reports.

Within the case of Embezzlement (Art. 160 of the Criminal Code) of Promsberbank’s funds, the former major shareholder of the credit institution Alexey Kulikov, the Head of the credit department Zulfiya Musina, the ex-security Chief Andrey Kibitsky and the Muscovite Vladimir Isaychenko who helped to register the companies which later issued loans, will be tried.

The MIA Investigation Department said that in 2015, shortly before the revocation of the license, its management began to withdraw funds. Under fictitious deposits the bank has issued large loans to dozens of fly-by-night firms. Receiving them, the borrowers transferred the funds to other institutions, where their traces were lost. In addition, all credit files were destroyed by the fraudsters.

There was another scheme to withdraw funds. In July 2015, the management of Promsberbank assigned rights for the issued fictitious loans to its subsidiary – the insurance company Oranta which the bank bought the eve of the revocation of the license. Oranta has sold loans to foreign organizations in Moldavia, Lithuania and Estonia affiliated with the bank's owners’. These front companies subsequently through local courts exacted "foreign debts".

None of the defendants in the case fully admits his guilt. And they believe that the main organizer of the fraud is the ex-chairman of the bank Boris Fomin, who was placed on the international wanted list. Zulfiya Musina’s lawyer Pavel Shevchuk said that his client realized she had been involved in the criminal scheme just before Promsberbank’s closing. In addition, Musina said that Boris Fomin allegedly threatened her with dismissal if she would ask too many questions. In this manner, the person of interest in the case worked until October 2015 when, along with the other suspects, she was arrested by law enforcement officers. Meanwhile, the bank’s Head of the security service Andrey Kibitsky, during the interrogation, said that the borrowers did not raise any doubts and suspicions in him. However, he admitted he destroyed the part of the credit files. In turn, the main shareholder of the bank Aleksey Kulikov, as Musina, has been criticizing Fomin, claiming that it was him who initiated the withdrawal of funds. However, the investigators believe that the organizer of theft was Kulikov. Also, according to, he is charged under part 4 of Art. 159 of the Russian Criminal Code (Swindling on an especially large scale) in another case, which is investigated at the moment. The main shareholder of the bank is suspected of involvement in the dubious "mirror transactions" in the Moscow office of the German Deutsche Bank, the total value of which is estimated at $ 10 billion.

The Deposit Insurance Agency won lawsuits for recovery of the stolen money. However, the Agency has not been able to get money from the fictitious borrowers, as they have long been liquidated. As a result, the bank owes its customers 5.7 billion rubles.



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