Did Former Head of sub-contractor of Vostochny cosmodrome bankrupt his own company?

Did Former Head of sub-contractor of Vostochny cosmodrome bankrupt his own company?
Viktor Grebnev

Viktor Grebnev reckons that he has been set up by certain “Moscow structures”.

The former Director of the CJSC Tikhookeanskaya mostostroitelnaya kompaniya (Pacific bridge-building company) is accused of premeditated bankruptcy and embezzlement. The Head of the company, which built a bridge across the Golden Horn Bay in Vladivostok and was the subcontractor of the Vostochny cosmodrome construction, Victor Grebnev is charged with causing damage to the company amounting to more than 400 million rubles.

As suggested by the investigation, for 2 years, starting in 2012, Grebnev concluded contracts obviously disadvantageous for the company, while assigning more than 280 million rubles. In addition, damage to the Far East's largest bridge builder in the amount of 130 million rubles was done by the leases and guarantees in favor of third parties. Note that from 2006 to 2014 he not only served as the Director of TMK, but also was the owner of the company.

According to the Primorye Deputy Prosecutor Vyacheslav Logvinchuk, Grebnev is charged with Deliberate Bankruptcy (Art. 196 of the Criminal Code) and embezzlement (p. 4 of Art. 160 of the Criminal Code).

Victor Grebnev does not admit his guilt. In an interview with Kommersant, he said that "it makes no sense to steal from yourself", being the sole shareholder of the company. According to him, last year, after the sale of 75% of the shares of TMK to some Moscow structures, he was immediately fired, even though under the terms of the transaction he was supposed to remain in his post for another 5 years.

Since the spring of the last year, Grebnev has been under house arrest.

At the moment, the former businessman and the Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of Primorye (Grebnev was elected in 2011 from the Edinaya Rossiya, in 2015, after the criminal case he resigned) is in the process of restructuring his debt, amounting to more than 800 million rubles.



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