Former Head of Slavyanka is to be tried for two more criminal cases

Former Head of Slavyanka is to be tried for two more criminal cases

A 11-year sentence in prison imposed by the court on the former Head of Slavyanka OJSC affiliated with the Ministry of Defence, Aleksandr Yelkin, is unlikely to be definitive. According to the materials of other two cases against Yelkin and his accomplices, BiS company had been cleaning non-existent premises at the Military Academy of the General Staff and the Female Cadet Corps for almost three years.

Yesterday, the court found the former Head of Slavyanka guilty of embezzlement and collection of kickbacks in the amount of at least 200 million rubles, sentencing him to 11 years in prison; four of his accomplices were sentenced to different terms ranging from 5 to 9 years in prison and fines from 500 to 700 million rubles.

However, according to Kommersant, it is too early to consider the case of money embezzlement from the Ministry of Defense closed. Neither is the property amounting to 1.4 billion rubles seized from the convicted Yelkin enough to cover the damage to the federal budget caused by the businessman.

The military investigators are currently looking into two separate criminal cases that have yet to be prepared for referring to the court. Although the cases of two accounts of fraud on especially large scale relate to the base case, they have been severed. 

According to one of these cases, BiS company (Bezopasnost i svyaz), owned by Yelkin and his partner, concluded a contract with the state military department for cleaning of buildings owned by the Military Academy of the General Staff in Vernadsky prospekt in 2012. According to investigation, the businessmen included the building, the construction of which had not even begun at the time (it was pit excavation stage), in the contract and its cost estimate. As a result, about 290 million rubles were embezzled for a year of cleaning works in the non-existent building.

The second episode involves the use of a similar scheme. For the period from 2010 to 2012, Yelkin's company agreed to clean the Moscow Cadet Corps FSEI premises, namely, the Female Cadet Corps of the Ministry of Defense in Khoroshevskoye shosse; in addition to the renovated building, which was not in use at the time, the company also included two buildings under construction nearby, which did not belong to the Cadet Corps, in the cost estimates. As a result, according to the investigation’s calculation, 66 out of 493 million rubles ended up in the pockets of the crime group members.

It should be reminded that, in addition to the main case of embezzlement initiated against Yelkin while in the position of the Head of Slavyanka holding, who obtained the monopoly in upkeeping the army in Russian regions and set up a system of kickbacks for subcontractors during the employment of the Minister of Defense Serdyukov, yesterday the Tverskoy Court delivered a verdict in the first case of the BiS outsourcing company, which was also headed by Yelkin.

According to investigation, after signing a contract for provision of cleaning to the Ministry of Defense-owned building complex in Arbat street, consisting of more than 30 buildings and area’s infrastructure, Yelkin’s company significantly overestimated the servicing cost, embezzling at least 84 million rubles out of 411 millions paid for two years. 

According to the ICR Official Representative Vladimir Markin, funds, amounting to 1.1 billion rubles, were seized from Yelkin during the searches and seizures. In addition, 47 pieces of property with a total amount of 300 million rubles were arrested.

Nevertheless, according to Kommersant, all this is barely enough to pay off the total legal fees and penalties of the accused in accordance with adjudgments; therefore, the prison sentences of Yelkin and his accomplices in committing swindling, using BiS company, may be extended after consideration of two new cases.



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