Former head of Mast-bank placed under house arrest

Former head of Mast-bank placed under house arrest
Yury Pirogov

The Tverskoy Court of Moscow sent former head of Mast-Bank Yury Pirogov under house arrest for two months under accusation in swindle.

The court satisfied the petition of the investigation according to which Pirogov is involved in frauds with bills of exchange for the amount of more than 112 million rubles, and appointed to the banker house arrest till February 6. The term of pretrial investigation on case is prolonged till February 8.

Former banker is suspected of Swindling on especially large scale, conducted by a group of persons (part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). On interrogation the detainee refused giving testimonies on the case in quality of the suspect.

It is reported that walks and visits of medical institutions are permitted the suspect according to the petition of protection. At the same time he is forbidden to use communication, the Internet, and to receive and send correspondence. He is allowed to communicate with close relatives only.

Investigating officers believe that Pirogov, acting on previous concert with so far unknown accomplices stole bills of exchange of Mast-bank from LLC Viktreyd on the amount of 85 million rubles and on 27 million rubles form LLC Prioritet.

To recall, earlier it was reported that the Investigative Committee of Russia suspects Pirogov detained on December 6 of illegal cashing in of 9 billion rubles.



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