Former accomplice of Tambovskaya OCG leader detained in his mansion

Former accomplice of Tambovskaya OCG leader detained in his mansion
Operatives conduct searches in Voskanyan's mansion

Ashot Voskanyan is suspected of extortion.

Former accomplice of Tambovskaya OCG leader Mikhail Glushchenko Ashot Voskanyan was detained in his mansion in the Vsevolozhsky district of the Leningrad region, Life reports.

According to the edition, operatives conduct searches in the suburban real estate of the detainee. In addition to Voskanyan, two other defendants of the case were detained: security guard of Voskanyan and his lawyer Albert S. They will soon be taken to the police station for testimony.

The case, upon which Voskanyan and his employees were detained, may be connected with the redistribution of the land fund in the Leningrad region.

According to the SPARK database, in the 90s Voskanyan worked in the field of agriculture in the Leningrad region. A little later he opened a security company Eles. In addition, in 2009, the businessman was a figurant of the case of entrepreneurs Vyacheslav Shevchenko and Yuri Zorin murders. Presumably, ex-Deputy and one of the leaders of the Tambovskaya OCG Mikhail Glushchenko, known under the nickname Khokhol, gave the testimony against him. However, Voskanyan was not charged and witnessed the case.

Until 2009, Voskanyan and Glushchenko closely cooperated in the security business. Their clients were many well-known personalities in the criminal world: Vasily Vladykovsky, nicknamed Vasya-Bryansky, and now one of the last remaining in St. Petersburg reputable merchants; and Yuri Kolchin, convicted of the murder of State Duma Deputy Galina Starovoitova as the organizer by the City Court of St. Petersburg; Yuri Ionov, an active assistant to Kolchin in planning the assassination of Starovoitova; Alexey Sargin, who became the owner of about 40 big companies. After the detention of the alleged killers of Starovoitova Glushchenko was forced to flee abroad, and began to lose his connections, while Voskanyan became an influential figure in St. Petersburg.



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