Fixer Dionisy Zolotov rats everybody out again for lenient sentence

Fixer Dionisy Zolotov rats everybody out again for lenient sentence
Zolotov repents again and talks about other crimes

It was not easy for the lawyer the fixer to obtain a pre-trial agreement, since he committed the crime for which he was tried already serving a suspended sentence. However, Zolotov’s case was nevertheless considered according to special procedure after the investigation had learned from him about 2 previously unknown cases of swindling.⁠

Notorious fixer Dionisy Zolotov was found guilty by the Nikulinsky District Court of Moscow in swindling worth 150 million rubles ($2.6m) and sentenced to 6.5 years of imprisonment.

Already serving 6.5 years for another criminal case, Zolotov fully acknowledged his guilt, signed a pre-trial cooperation agreement, as a result of which his case was considered in a special order, Kommersant writes.

To obtain the right for a pre-trial agreement, Zolotov told the investigation about two unknown swindling cases: one of them was committed by bankers, the other one – by officials of the Moscow region. As a result, the court considered Zolotov’s case without examining evidence. Instead of 8 years of imprisonment the prosecutor requested for the court limited itself to 6.5 years.

Investigators believe that Zolotov, known for attempted raider seizure of manufacturer Korolevskaya Voda (Royal Water), received 150 million rubles from director of the group of construction companies Viktoriya Viktor Krulikovsky for terminating the criminal case initiated against him, which was opened by the fixer himself.

It all began in 2013, when Krulikovsky appealed to Zolotov's law firm MGKU Zashchita LLC for assistance in arbitration litigation proceedings with the Ministry of Culture – the department banned company of Krulikovsky Victoriya-5 from constructing a 17-storey building in Sergiev Posad.

Zolotov took 20 million rubles ($348 thousand) from a new client, but he did not obtain the cancellation of the decision of the Ministry of Culture. The builder threatened the fixer to break the contract and demanded to return the money. Then in March 2014 Zolotov initiated a criminal case against Krulikovsky under part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code (Swindling on an especially large scale), claiming that Krulikovsky tried to illegally privatize a plot of land for the construction of a 17-story building, which became a subject of dispute with the Ministry of Culture.

Krulikovsky did not know that it was his lawyer who started proceedings against him, and therefore appealed to him to stop it again. They agreed on the amount of 150 million rubles ($2.6m), and after a while Zolotov handed the builder a copy of the decision to close the case. Later it became known that actually Zolotov had nothing to do with the termination of the criminal case. He just found out in time that the MIA was planning to close it and took money from Krulikovsky for his services.

It is worth noting that previously Dionisy Zolotov has had 3 convictions. It is not the first time that he prefers to repent of everything, to pay for damage and get a minimum term. In 2013 he escaped with a suspended sentence for extortion of 52 million rubles ($906 thousand) for assistance in the termination of a criminal case. In the case of Korolevskaya Voda, when owner of the enterprise Joseph Badalov found himself in jail on Zolotov’s accusation, the fixer got minimum 6.5 years since he told the employees of the Investigative Committee about giving bribes to Vladimir Rozhkov, the ex-Head of the Internal Affairs Department of the Western District of Moscow, after which the latter was sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment.



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