Fish king Vitaly Orlov’s company being searched 

Fish king Vitaly Orlov’s company being searched
Vitaly Orlov

His former business partner Aleksander Tugushev accused Orlov of multimillion embezzlement.

The Investigative Committee of Russia officials and police officers are carrying out searches in Murmansk office of Russia’s largest fishing company Norebo. This was reported to Interfax by the company’s representative Sergey Sennikov.

These investigative activities, in his words, have been carrying out for a week now. File servers and computers are seized from the office. Moreover, searches are being carried out in the company’s employees’ homes, too. There is no word about the head of the company Vitaly Orlov. According to The CrimeRussia's sources, there is a chance that he is outside the country at the present time.

Moscow’s Investigative Committee and the Department for fighting against economic crimes and corruption in South-West Administrative District of Moscow take part in the searches. The searches are being carried out in a criminal case on embezzlements of funds of the company that was Norebo’s predecessor, ZAO Almor Atlantika.

The case was initiated when its former co-owner and vice-chairman of Russia’s State Committee for Fishing Aleksander Tugushev filed a suit. He states that one-third of the company’s shares he owned was embezzled from him.

It is noteworthy that the trials between Tugushev and Orlov are taking place in London. Recently, the High Court of London has frozen $350 million assets of Norebo’s head.

Александр Тугушев

Aleksander Tugushev

The CrimeRussia has repeatedly covered the topic of their dispute that was based on the fact that Tugushev – while moving to a post of  a vice-chairman of Russia’s State Committee for Fishing in 2003 –allegedly sold a part (created with Orlov) of the company at a nominal price of 20 thousand rubles ($305). Later, Tugushev went to prison on the fraud charges. When he was released, he started demanding his part.

In 2015, Orlov offered Tugushev a compromise (to his mind) – to abandon the claim of his part and admit that he (Tugushev) sold Almor Atlantika shares in 2003 and got 30 million for them. In Tugushev’s words, if he agreed to these conditions, he would have got 60 million dollars as an exit package. However, he went on claiming one-third of assets worth of 350 million dollars.

As a result, this led to various types of falsification on the part of Orlov that were occurring in Moscow’s Koptevsky court. Moreover, another criminal case against Tugushev was initiated. He was accused of extortion and pressure to make a deal.

According to our sources, there is a reason to believe that Orlov has used the same illegal tactics of pressure towards his other partners.

Norebo holding deals with fish capture and construction of fishing vessels at Russian shipyards. The company has more than 3 thousand employees. In 2017, Orlov’s fortune was estimated at $1 billion by Bloomberg.



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