First member of Arbitrators OCC to stand trial in Urals

First member of Arbitrators OCC to stand trial in Urals
Sergey Tumbaev, director of Kopeysk Bread Factory accused of swindling

Investigation into a high-profile case against one of the Arbitrators has been completed in Chelyabinsk. During the whole period of their activity, the OCC has caused damage of 100 million rubles to Urals residents.

Materials in the criminal case against an OCC member, who had caused residents of Chelyabinsk, Kopeysk, and Orenburg Oblast damage amounting to more than 100 million rubles, have been referred to the Kopeysk Court of the Chelyabinsk region. As reported by the press-service of the MIA General Administration for the Chelyabinsk region, the case is part of the so-called 'Case of the Arbitrators'.

Former head of the local bread factory's contractual and legal management Anton Gusev is charged with part 4 of Art. 159 (Swindling) and part 2 of Art. 210 (Organization of a Crime Community) of the Russian Criminal Code.

According to the investigation's lead, Gusev, who had been previously convicted, has participated in the creation of the so-called Chelyabinsk Regional Court of Arbitration, acting under Sovetnik Prava CJSC. Court of Arbitration is a non-public authority, which delivers independent verdicts on disputes between the parties. As reported by, it was under such a guise that a crime community comprising of six men operated in Kopeysk.

According to investigation, acting through Head of the Property Management and Land Relations at the City Administration Dmitry Kurilkin, the Arbitrators would look for ownerless property in the city, and claiming the asset on behalf of two parties, the court of arbitration would deliver a decision in favor of one of them. Then the court's decision would be referred to the civil court for a writ of execution, under which Rossreestr would subsequently issue documents of ownership. The fraudsters sold the ownerless property without documents, assuring customers that it would soon be issued. It is noteworthy that Gusev, who is also known as author of books providing legal advice, described the process of registering title to property involved in the case.

Another kind of swindle practiced by the court of arbitration is deciding in favor of the one with which Sovetnik Prava had a preliminary agreement.

During the investigation of a case, namely the attempt to privatize Kopeysk Bread Factory OJSC, law enforcers were able to trace it back to the Arbitrators' shady schemes. Apart from Gusev and Kurilkin, defendants in the case also include former Kopeysk Prosecutor Grigory Balykin, businessman Sergey Tumbaev, and Chelyabinsk citizen Konstantin Gurevich. All of them were arrested in summer 2015, after their involvement in 12 episodes of swindling had been established. Currently, the investigation against other defendants in the case continues.



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