First American participant of “Titov's London list” returns to Russia

First American participant of “Titov's London list” returns to Russia
Leonid Kuraev

The businessman is accused of stealing a textured soy protein production line from the territory of a Kaluga penal colony.

The first American member of “Titov’s London list,” Leonid Kuraev, who is a former employee of Kaluga’s Yunitorg LLC, returned to Russia, the ombudsman’s office reported. In Russia, Kuraev was accused of swindling (part 2 of Article 159.4 CCRF). After Ombudsman for Entrepreneurs Boris Titov met with President Vladimir Putin, Kuraev’s pre-trial restriction measure was changed arrest in absentia to a recognizance not leave the place, the accused said.

“It is interesting that, despite the resumption of the criminal case in 2014, no one was interested in me – I flew around the world freely. But immediately after I was added to the Titov's list, the court ordered an arrest in absentia. Thank God, after Titov’s meeting with the president, the preventive measure was soon changed to a written undertaking not to leave the place,” Leonid Kuraev said on March 15.

The investigating bodies initiated a criminal case in 2013, but at the end of the year the investigation was terminated due to an amnesty. After that, Kuraev left Russia. In February 2014, the prosecutor's office canceled the investigator’s decision to terminate the criminal case, and in March Kuraev was put on the international wanted list.

According to the accused, since 2013, he was only once summoned to Kaluga for questioning as a witness. Having flown abroad, he learned that he was wanted. “There were no subpoenas, there was nothing, and no one contacted the lawyer,” says the entrepreneur.

According to the investigators, in 2012, Kuraev organized the theft of the line for the production of textured soy protein from IK-3 in the Kaluga Region, which caused damage to the lessor of the agricultural industrial complex Agros in the amount of 2.2 million rubles ($ 34,000).



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