Finland detains Russian for money laundering

Finland detains Russian for money laundering

The detainee may have possible connections to a company that is a defendant in the case on economic crimes and has ties to Russia.

TASS news agency quotes spokeswoman of the Russian embassy in Finland Natalia Vezhlivtseva, saying that a citizen of Russia is detained in Finland in the case related to economic crimes including money-laundering. Two persons are detained in the case. In the interests of the investigation, their identities were not made public.

One of the defendants in the aforementioned case is a company that has ties to Russia. Seven persons were questioned in the case. The investigators carried out searches and, as a result, seized documents and electronic means of storing information. According to a Helsingin Sanomat newspaper, the question concerning the detention of suspects is expected to be raised on Tuesday.

On Saturday, September 22, the Finnish police launched a major operation in which searches were carried out - including searches of buildings of the company that has ties to Russia that are located on the territory of the city of Turku and Varsinais-Suomi region. At this time, police have not released any details as to what organization is being talked about. Representatives of the Russian embassy in Finland reported that so far, they can not comment on this topic.

About 100 people and planes, helicopters and boats of the local border guard office took part in the operation that was carried out in 17 locations. Regular flights over the Varsinais-Suomi region were banned from operating during this operation.

Information was provided by the police officials on the fact that the defendant in the case is a Finnish joint-stock company that is suspected of the laundering of several million euros and the use of an illegal workforce. According to Helsingin Sanomat, the company is registered in Finland. However, its owner is in another European country.

It is reported that the searches were also carried out in Airiston Helmu Oy company’s offices that are located in the municipality of Parainen (Pargas). The company deals with estate management. Helsingin Sanomat states that the firm has many ties to Russia. In particular, the company allegedly attempted to get approval for the helicopters landing site for Russian citizens. Among its executives, there used to be Russians, as well. According to the Finnish media, the Finnish Defence Forces were earlier concerned that Airiston Helmu Oy had bought real estate properties near the strategic locations.



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