Final charges made against defendants in case of metro station theft

Final charges made against defendants in case of metro station theft
Photo: Evgeny Nadalinsky / The Kommersant

Two of six defendants have pleaded guilty of stealing over 330 million rubles during the construction of Shipilovskaya metro station.

Moscow MIA Investigators have completed the investigation of the criminal case concerning stealing over 330 million rubles (part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code) allocated for the construction of Shipilovskaya metro station, according to the Kommersant. The final charges have been filed against six defendants: the former Transinzhstroy Deputy CEO Aleksandr Semin, the Head of Planning & Economic Development of the same company Vadim Rzhanov, the Chairman of Mosmetroholding Board of Directors Igor Orlov and its CEO Aleksandr Smirnov, as well as the SMU-154 Chief Engineer Dmitry Zaitsev and the department’s economist Svetlana Shiryaeva.

Out of the six, only two admitted their guilt: Aleksandr Smirnov confessed to the crime back in October 2015 when he was arrested while Igor Orlov chose to confess just a few days before the investigation was completed.

Lawyers, representing all the rest, said that there was no crime whatsoever. For example, Dmitry Zaitsev’s defense lawyer Valery Orlov claimed the presented financial and economic statements show that the constructors did not go beyond the estimated cost of the project, meaning there was no theft at all.

Interestingly, for a long time there had not been any plaintiff in the multi-million-ruble theft case. Only shortly before the investigation was completed, the Transinzhstroy was recognized as the injured party. However, it is unknown yet whether the company filed a civil suit.

The criminal case of fraudulent construction of the Moscow Metro station was initiated in late August 2015. As the law enforcement established, the scheme was working because the general contractor Transinzhstroy signed contracts with the Mosmetroholding, as well as subcontracting agreements with controlled organizations. According to investigators, the general contractor brought its structural division SMU-154 for the transfer of service lines at Shipilovskaya for which 330 million rubles had been allocated, and SMU-154 involved the Inzhstroyproekt to do the job. Subsequently, however, the money was transferred to the accounts of other organizations and is believed to have been withdrawn and stolen. In addition, defendants had inflated the cost of work, its scope, as well as falsified acceptance certificates. The Transinzhstroy’s Deputy CEO Aleksandr Semin had masterminded the whole thing, together with the Mosmetroholding’s Chairman of the Board of Directors Igor Orlov, investigators believe.

The arrested defendants in the case have already begun studying the case materials comprising over 160 volumes. Today, the Moscow City Court is going to consider the motions to extend their arrest.



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