Film director Sokurov explains inspections in his Fund with report by former employee

Film director Sokurov explains inspections in his Fund with report by former employee
Aleksander Sokurov Photo: Svetlana Kholyavchuk/Interpress/TASS

The director has also told about wiretapping of his phone and conversation with an investigator.

The director Aleksander Sokurov states the police inspections of his charitable fund supporting cinematograph Primer intonatsyi were launched, after one of the employees informed the police. He wrote this message on his Facebook page - Ostrov Sokurova.

The message says the inspections of the Fund’s financing activity have been carried out for several months now. Sokurov says initially, it was a regular inspection all charitable funds go through. Then, there was a report to the police by the Fund’s former employee. The director noted that the informer borrowed large amounts of money from him and the Fund, and did not return it.

Sokurov also said that investigators of St.Petersburg’s Petrogradsky district had summoned the Fund’s director Nikolay Yankin and his partners for questioning on economic issues.

Sokurov says the reports on the Fund’s activities by the his former employee are connected to “an aggressive antagonism” of the organization’s director. Later, it was found out that the informer had prior records; shortly before the reports on the Fund’s activities, the same person had reported about his acquaintance.

The director has also mentioned a law enforcement’s closer attention towards him, after he asked Vladimit Putin about Oleg Sentsov at the meeting of the Council for Culture. Sokurov says after his employee reported to the police, his phone started to be wiretapped by the Federal Security Service.

Sokurov noted that he’s not aware of where the inspections may lead to. “If desired, it’s always possible to open a criminal prosecution,” the director stated, adding that he had been told a lot of times about the similarity of the Fund’s situation with Kirill Serebryannikov’s case.

“As opposed to his situation, I don’t deal with economy and have never checked the director’s business operations, because I didn’t have any reasons for that,” the director emphasized.

The directorate for information and public relations of the Department of the Russian Ministry of Interior in St.Petersburg and Leningrad region reports that the inspection at Sokurov’s Fund is being carried out, due to the fact that a citizen had reported about the possibility of unlawful activities. Law-enforcement authorities received the report in March, 2018, however the inspection’s time period was over in September, and the criminal case was not initiated, reports RTVI. According to the TV-channel, the inspection was not fully implemented. With that, its documents were returned through the prosecutor's office for additional investigation.

The Fund’s director Nikolay Yankin is suspected of embezzlement of public funds in the region and across the country; he allegedly “used falsified financial documents on expenses.” According to RTVI, it is about a movie Experiences the St.Petersburg culture сommittee had devoted funds on.



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