Fifth defendant in Rostech's funds embezzlement case

Fifth defendant in Rostech's funds embezzlement case
Only first deputy general director of Prompostavka Dmitry Manuilov partially admitted his guilt Photo: Kommersant / Irina Bujor

Oleg Chernykh is put in jail despite of cancer.

In a criminal case of embezzlement of budget funds billions from the state corporation Rostech a new defendant appeared - 48-year-old head of construction firm Oleg Chernykh. The investigators suggest that the entrepreneur's company could be one of the chain links, through which money from Rostech was allegedly siphoned off.

Lawyer of the suspect Marat Fayzulin told Kommersant that his client was charged with complicity in the fraud and questioned. Fayzulin noted that no further investigation is carried out in relation to Chernykh. The defendant, meanwhile, does not recognize his guilt and says he did not know previously arrested defendants in the case of embezzlement in Rostech.

Oleg Chernykh is already palced into the pre-trial detention facility №4, better known as Medved (The Bear), at the request of the investigators and by the court's decision. Lawyers of the suspect insisted on the measure of restraint in the form of recognizance not to leave or under house arrest in connection with Chernykh's cancer. However, the court thought that the accused could obtain the necessary medical assistance in the detention facility.

Recall, Oleg Chernykh is the fifth accused in the sensational case of embezzlement in Rostech. In June 2016, there were arrested first deputy general director of Prompostavka Dmitry Manuilov, former head of Prompostavka Ruslan Suleymanov, former director of the Moscow Design Bureau Kompas Murad Safin and his assistant Katerina Khlystova. All of them are in custody.

Мурад Сафин

Former director general of the Moscow Design Bureau Kompas Murad Safin. Photo: Kommersant / Irina Bujor

They are charged with swindling on an especially large scale (part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code). Initially, he was charged with embezzling 800 million rubles, but later the amount increased to 1.8 billion rubles.

Руслан Сулейманов

Former head of Prompostavka Ruslan Suleymanov. Photo: Kommersant / Irina Bujor

In the course of pre-investigation checks on materials, received from the state-owned corporation, the police found that from 2011 to 2016 billions of rubles had been withdrawn from the accounts of OJSC MKB Kompas and Prompostavka (both companies are working in the defense industry in the framework of public procurement) under the guise of fictitious contracts.


Assistant of ex-CEO of Kompas Katerina Khlystova. Photo: Kommersant / Irina Bujor

Interestingly, all four previously detained categorically denied their guilt. Only Dmitry Manuilov partially admitted his guilt. He testified to the other participants and said that he signed some documents that contributed to the theft.

Earlier, an informed source of the CrimeRussia reported that the anti-corruption campaign in the corporation was headed by Deputy Director General of Rostech Nikolay Volobuev, whose duties, among other things, includes supervising the activities of the corporation for the FSB. Volobuev was FSB officer. From 2006 to 2007 he worked as the director of special commission is Rosoboronexport, and after he was appointed the Deputy Head of Rostech.

At the moment, Moscow MIA Central Board investigators are busy gathering evidence to confirm all episodes of embezzlement from the state corporation.



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