Feldman’s media holding to be checked for extortion

Feldman’s media holding to be checked for extortion
Yevgeny Feldman

Investigators believe that editions of IDR-Format could repeatedly demand money from representatives of both public and private companies for non-publication of critical articles.

General director of the publishing house IDR-Format Yevgeny Feldman, who is placed under house arrest in the case of the extortion from Summa holding company, may be involved in a number of similar criminal episodes.

As reported by Kommersant, the investigation is currently trying to establish such facts. At the same time, among PR people there are talks that some persons, who were allegedly acting in favor of IDR-Format, have suggested large companies resolving issues with the publication or removal of materials in the Company magazine. The professional community also points out that for such services there was a kind of price list, the amounts in which ranged from 300 thousand to 500 thousand rubles (from $5 thousand to $8.500) depending on the information occasion or specific persons mentioned. Victims of ‘solvers’ were both public and private companies.

As the CrimeRussia wrote earlier, on March 13, Yevgeny Feldman was placed under house arrest in the case of extortion of $200.000 from representatives of the multi-profile holding company Summa, whose head is multi-millionaire Ziyavudin Magomedov. For this money, the general director of the publishing house, which publishes the magazines Company and Profile, promised not to publish certain critical articles about the holding. Note that Special Forces caught Feldman red-handed on March 9 after the meeting with the representatives of Summa in the capital's restaurant. That day the general director of IDR-Format was given a payment for transferring 6 million rubles ($101.500) to his bank account.

Investigators of the Moscow Department of Internal Affairs Arbat opened a criminal case on Extortion committed by way of seizing property on an especially large scale (part 3, Article 163 of the Criminal Code). Yevgeny Feldman is still the only person involved, although at least one more unidentified defendant appears in the case file.⁠



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