Fake doctors with convicted foreigner cheat patients for billion rubles 

Fake doctors with convicted foreigner cheat patients for billion rubles

A network of private clinics inclined more than 11 thousand clients to obtain loans for treatment of imaginary diseases.

An interregional group of false medics organized by a convicted foreigner provided people with expensive medical services without proper education, making up illnesses and persuading clients to take loans of up to half a million rubles. In total, the criminals deceived more than 11 thousand people, so they received about a billion rubles, official representative of the Interior Ministry of Russia Irina Volk reports.

“Employees of call-centers controlled by the organizer urged to undergo an examination, gaining a thrust of citizens. Then the workers, who do not have a special medical education, deceive the elderly inventing new diseases that require urgent and expensive treatment,” Volk said.

Police detained 25 suspects. The operatives conducted more than 50 searches in the places of residence and their workplaces. Investigators initiated a criminal case of fraud. Clinics were located in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Chuvashia, Vladimir, Kaluga, Ryazan and Yaroslavl regions.



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