Failed Trust: Bank ex-owners wives to be deprived of property worldwide  

Failed Trust: Bank ex-owners wives to be deprived of property worldwide
Ilya Yurov

Per three families they have a castle of the XVI century in the English county of Kent, a mansion in Surrey, a house on Bali, apartments in London, real estate in Cyprus and in the suburbs of Moscow.

Otkritie corporation, which deals with Trust bank reorganization, intends to seize the premises worth of 16.2 million pounds and 5.6 million dollars from wives of former bank owners Ilya Yurov, Nikolay Fetisov and Sergey Belyaev through the High Court in London.

The wanted owners together with former senior executives Oleg Dikusar and Evgeny Romakov detained in Russia are accused of a multibillion-dollar embezzlement. The criminal case is being heard in Basmanny Court of Moscow, where all the defendants (those abroad are accused in absentia) are sued for damages of 22.7 billion roubles ($382 mln). At the same time the new administration of Trust in London demands damages at 908 million dollars from Yurov, Fetisov, Belyaev and their wives, Vedomosti reported.

According to Trust, since the discovery of problems in the bank to filing a lawsuit the co-owners transferred millions of funds to the accounts of their wives and relatives. Luxurious real estate was purchased for the money they managed to withdraw from the bank. If the London court establishes the fact of the attempt to make money unavailable for creditors, the transactions may be cancelled.

The lawsuit states that at first Yurov, Fetisov and Belyaev transferred borrowers’ funds to an offshore company, then to a Swiss bank, and from it – to the accounts. It was found out that this way $68 million were seized, 15.6 millions of which Natalia, Yurov's wife, got. Soon she became the owner of Oxney Court castle of XVI century in Kent, which is 4.11-million-pound worth. The house destroyed during the First World War has been completely restored by the Yurov. Now the estate is a superb building surrounded by 35 acres (a bit more than 14 ha) of gardens.

Замок Oxney Court в графстве Кент

Oxney Court castle in the county of Kent

In addition, as stated in the lawsuit, Yurova bought 3 apartments in London, real property in Cyprus and invested money in investment companies. It is also specified that Natalia Yurova had no independent sources of income for the past 20 years.

Yurov claims that this information collides with reality. Earlier the court in Kiev where Yurov fled to released him from custody.

Trust also asks to draw attention to Elena Pishchulina, Fetisov's wife, to whom between 2014 and 2015 he transferred all his shares in the total estate. The most expensive object is considered to be a two-storey house with six bedrooms, a swimming pool, jacuzzi and cinema in Surrey (county in southern England). Apart from this she is the sole owner of the 1.6-million-pound apartment in London's Chelsea, the country house in Moscow worth of 4.25 million dollars as well as the 870 thousand dollars house on Bali. 

Trust urges the London court to cancel the transfers and return everything, including real estate, to Yurov, Belyaev and Fetisov to use these assets to pay off damages to the bank. The trial can take place in October 2018.

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