Executives of Trans-baikal Sluzhba Edinogo Zakazchika arrested by court

Executives of Trans-baikal Sluzhba Edinogo Zakazchika arrested by court

Untried become all the executives of the state public institution - the director, his deputy and chief engineer. In two years, they have received no less than 14 million rubles as kickbacks.

Deputy director of Sluzhba Edinogo Zakazchika (Service of a single customer) in Trans-Baikal region Maxim Mayorov was the last of the three defendants in the criminal case of bribe-taking by organized criminal group (OCG) participants in the leadership of the state public institution; he was placed in custody by the Chita court.

Earlier, the court arrested former Head of the state institution Gennady Litvintsev and chief engineer Konstantin Vyzhlov. All members of the OCG, as they are called in the investigation materials, were detained on December 14 in Moscow, Yekaterinburg and Chita. They are accused of repeatedly bribe-taking on an especially large scale. On placement of suspects in custody the regional ICR petitioned.

According to investigators, in 2014-2016 years the accused contributed to businessmen to win auctions for the construction of social objects in the Trans-Baikal region. This was done for kickbacks, which ranged from 5 to 10% of the contract amount. There are five contracts in the case. In total, accused received more than 14 million rubles.



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