Executives of Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG stole company's property in center of Moscow

Executives of Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG stole company's property in center of Moscow
Egor Novikov, the Deputy of General Director of PJSC Tupolev

To purchase the land plot and buildings at a lower price delinquents formalized property on a simple driver.

Investigators are trying a criminal case on the theft of property from state OJSC Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG-Rost. Four defendants – the former CEO of OJSC MiG-Rost subsidiary Alexey Ozerov, the Deputy of General Director of PJSC Tupolev Egor Noskov and their alleged accomplices Boris Sviridov and Alexey Andreev - suspected of swindling on an essentially large scale (part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code).

Investigators believe that delinquents’ leader was Ozerov, who attracted to the case his own friends. The aim of the suspects was to take over state-owned 2.2 hectares of land plot and three buildings in Moscow at Khodynka, total area of ​​which is about 16 thousand sq. meters. This plan maturated in the Ozerov’s head in 2004 – then the Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG transferred land plot and property in operational control as non-core asset to FSUE MiG-Rost (later OJSC MiG-Rost became its legal successor), the Head of which was Ozerov.

To bring this idea to life, suspects established a shell company  - LLC Business-Aktiv, the Head of which was Boris Sviridov - a defendants mutual friend's stepfather, who previously worked as a driver. After the establishment of LLC Business-Aktiv Sviridov began to manage a complex and the land plot, the market value of which currently exceeds 600 million rubles.

In February 2005 a new figurant, Egor Noskov, of the case appeared. He purchased Sviridov’s company for 10 thousand rubles.

A month later, it was created another company - LLC Liberty Investment, which was headed by Alexey Andreev. Investigators believe that he purchased the land plot and buildings on Polikarpov street at fire-sale prices. Noskov became the Deputy of General Director of the company Liberta-Investment, which is founded by the Cyprus offshore Feretto. According to Kommersant, for a dozen years the building at Khodynka is rented, including structures of the United Aircraft Corporation.

None of the suspects pleaded guilty. Two defendants - Egor Noskov and Alexey Ozerov - are now in custody. The lawyer of Ozerov said that the land plot and the property were purchased and sold at the market price, because in 2005 its condition was improper and they could not cost a lot. According to defence, the investigation saw the construction in a different condition. Moreover, the lawyer pointed out that the very criminal case was initiated illegally, because period of limitation to attract the accused to justice expired ten years ago.

Nevertheless, ICR’s officers claimed that defendants inflicted harm to the owner of OJSC MiG-Rost (which, according to Kommersant, was wound up in 2012), fraudulently acquired the right to the complex of three buildings and a plot of land on Polikarpov street.



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