Ex-Senator Leonid Lebedev, suspect in the theft of $ 220 million, declared in federal wanted list

Ex-Senator Leonid Lebedev, suspect in the theft of $ 220 million, declared in federal wanted list
Leonid Lebedev Photo: Alexander Shcherbak / Kommersant

The former member of the Federation Council of Chuvashia was declared wanted after not appear for questioning by investigators.

The ex-Senator, the co-owner of Synthesis, Leonid Lebedev was declared into the federal wanted list. Lebedev did not go to the investigation authorities on the incriminated case of swindling on $ 220 million. Earlier, the ex-Senator's lawyer said that his client did not live in Russia for six months.

"Lebedev declared on the federal wanted list as a person, who did not appear for questioning to the investigator. The former Senator was summoned for questioning at the end of August,” - told the Life's source in law enforcement.

The Lebedev's lawyer Alexei Grebenskiy said about the search of his client he learned from the media. Investigators did not officially notified him. Earlier, Grebenskiy argued that the case was filed with the flagrant violation of the legal norms. In addition, he said, the defendant does not live a long time in Russia and it is in no way associated with the excitation of criminal case against him. In the near future the lawyer intends to appeal against the decision to initiate proceedings.

Recall that against Lebedev and other executives of TGK-2 (the leading energy companies of the North-West and Central Federal District of Russia controlled by Synthesis) the MIA in the Tver region opened a criminal case on large-scale Swindling (part 4, Art. 159 of the Criminal Code). According to investigators, the majority shareholder of TGK-2 Leonid Lebedev together with the company leadership stole $ 220 million. The fact of the theft was confirmed by the arbitral tribunal of the Yaroslavl Region, considered the claim of the other two shareholders of the company to the Board of Directors of TGC-2, which approved obviously bad bargain. The law enforcement agencies interested in Lebedev after the announcement of the shareholder offshore company of TGC-2 Lonisera Partisipeyshn. A company representative complained about the non-payment of dividends from 2009 to 2015.

Note that in 2015, when the Office of the President initiated anti-corruption checks, Leonid Lebedev prematurely resigned and left the Federation Council. The audit was launched after a series of issues that have arisen to the declaration of Senator revenues in 2014, according to which he earned 92 million rubles. Lebedev has repeatedly said that such a request for early check were rigged to smear his name.



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