Ex-Senator denies embezzlement during construction of arms factory in Venezuela

Ex-Senator denies embezzlement during construction of arms factory in Venezuela
Sergey Popelnyuhov

The former Senator Popelnyuhov denies his guilt in embezzlement of 1 billion rubles in the performance of a government contract.

On August 31 the hearing of the case of a former member of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation and the former Head of the construction company Stroyinvestinzhiniring SU-848 Sergey Popelnyuhova began. According to investigation, the businessman transferred to the accounts of his own firms 1 billion rubles allocated to him pursuant to public tender. LLC Stroyinvestinzhiniring SU-848 received an international contract for the construction of plants for the production of Kalashnikov assault rifles in Venezuela.

The decision on the construction of plants was made in 2001, but bureaucratic procedures were completed only in 2006. The first plant was designed for the creation of 25 thousand weapons a year. To check the detailed execution of the contract terms it has been selected Rosoboronexport" whose work paid 5in % commission. The contractor under the contract became Stroyinvestinzhiniring SU-848.

The execution of the tender was delayed several times due to various reasons. The license for the construction the organization of former senator received only in 2010. Two years later, when the company was set at 70%, the company was ended finance and new credits were not given to the construction company.

The investigation has several other information: the money, allocated for the construction of the plant, the general director wasted to rescue his own companies, which caused delays in the rate of creation of the defense enterprise.

The ex-Senator denies his guilt and says that the contract performance was close to completion.



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