Ex-police officer sentenced to 6 years of imprisonment for 1.5 million rubles bribery

Ex-police officer sentenced to 6 years of imprisonment for 1.5 million rubles bribery

The Сourt of the Republic of Mordovia has given a jail sentence to an ex-police officer for an especially large scale bribery.

As reported at the Investigation Committee of the Republic of Mordovia public affairs office, the members of Department of the Investigation of Major Cases of the Republic of Mordovia have gathered a sufficient amount of proof of guilt as to Rishat Iskhakov, ex-special investigative agent of Chief Directorate of Economic Security and Combating Corruption of the Republic of Mordovia. Ex-law enforcer was found guilty of taking a bribe on an especially large scale ( art. 290 para. 6 of the The Criminal Code Of The Russian Federation).

It was found during the investigation and on the trial that in July last year, the police captain made a head of a profit making organization pay him 1.5 million rubles for not prosecuting the latter on a charge of violating tax laws of the Russian Federation. The businessman reported to the police that he demanded the bribe. The further scenario was being unfolded under control of FSB (Russian Federal Security Service) and MVD (Ministry of Internal Affairs).

 Eventually, due to the law enforcement officers’ concerted actions, on August 6th, 2015, the police officer was caught in the act of accepting a part of the amount demanded as a bribery. He was detained when the businessman was handing him 600 thousand rubles as ‘protection money’.

The investigative authorities filed a detention motion to the court. During the criminal investigation, around 30 witnesses were questioned. Besides that, a number of files, gathered during the activities relating to operational investigations, were attached to the case.

The procurator pointed out that the circumstances that encouraged perpetration of a crime are now eliminated. As a result, two police officers were dismissed, another one was held liable.

Rishat Iskhakov was sentenced by the court to 6 years of imprisonment and ordered to serve his sentence in a maximum security labour camp, as well as compelled to pay a fine of 15 million rubles. He will also not be able to hold certain positions for 2 years. It is worth mentioning that the sentence has not taken effect. 



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