Ex-parliamentarian Vladimir Khmel arrested in Spain for laundering millions of euros

Ex-parliamentarian Vladimir Khmel arrested in Spain for laundering millions of euros

The former parliamentarian stole money when investing in real estate and avoided paying taxes in the amount of 17 million euros.

Russian entrepreneur Vladimir Khmel, who was engaged in business on the Spanish island of Tenerife, was arrested on suspicion of laundering money through real estate investments and tax evasion for 17 million euros.

Vladimir Khmel, former deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Primorye Territory, who settled nine years ago on the island of Tenerife due to fleeing Russia after several criminal cases on large-scale smuggling of Chinese goods were instituted against him, established a network of enterprises in the town of Adeje on Tenerife.

Through his companies Global Bigfishing SL, Canary International Business Transconsulting SL, La Estrella Favorita SL, Canary Dream Charter SL, Sancho Panza Enterprises SL and Canariasxperiencie, the former parliamentarian has invested in Spain the money he illegally obtained in Russia.

As the Spanish edition El Confidencial writes with reference to sources in the Civil Guard, the Russian businessman invested illegally obtained money in expensive real estate, as well as provided services to foreign tourists, in particular, organizing boat trips and helicopter rides, parties and other entertainments.

Khmel owned a 20-meter sailboat Galaxia and a one million euros motor yacht La Favorita, the length of which is 21 meters.

Now, the he was arrested on suspicion of money laundering and tax evasion. The tax authority of Spain accuses the Russian in owing the country 17 million euros worth of taxes. As for the total amount invested and laundered by him in Spain, the funds are being specified. It can be about tens of millions of euros. For the totality of the alleged crimes committed, Khmel faces a long-term imprisonment.

Together with Khmel, a Spanish citizen, whose name is not sounded, is taken into custody. It is known that he is the director of the local branch of Banco Popular and, presumably, helped Khmel to bypass tax legislation.

In addition, the notorious Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca, whose activities were disclosed in 2015 during the scandal surrounding the so-called “Paradise Dossier” (Panama Papers) also helped Khmel to launder money.



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