Ex-official that beat girl in Moscow arrested for fraud

Ex-official that beat girl in Moscow arrested for fraud
Erast Mataev

The investigation believes that Erast Mataev being the director general of the Muromenergomash plant did not implement the order for the supply of power transmission lines.

The former assistant to now-ex-Minister of the national policy of the Russian Federation Ramazan Abdulatipov, Erast Mataev, is placed under house arrest in the case of fraud, MK writes.

The case against the former official was initiated after the police got a statement from the director general of one of the contracting firms of the Muromenergomash plant. The woman stated that the company did not comply with the terms of the contract; namely, it terminated the supply of supporting structures for power lines. Head of the plant Erast Mataev signed the contract.

The investigation believes that he knew that the company would not be able to fulfill the order in full, but signed a contract and received full payment for it. Mataev, in turn, insists that Muromenergomash supplied 80% of the production, and the remaining 20% of the products were to be delivered with a delay, but since he left the position of the CEO by the decision of the founders, he could not provide a solution to this issue.

The new head of the plant decided not to fulfill the order, Mataev said.

The court, taking into account these testimonies, placed the ex-official under house arrest, which he will do in an apartment on Nikitsky Boulevard in Moscow. According to the edition, he lives with his wife, her parents, and four children. Two of them are adults (both disabled, the oldest daughter suffered many operations on the heart, the son suffers from epilepsy) and two minor daughters.

Recall that Mataev found himself in the middle of the scandal, beating up a girl, who filmed a video of how his car was riding along a pedestrian street. A criminal case was initiated under the article Deliberate Destruction or Damage to Property and Battery. As a result, Erast Mataev apologized, and the case was closed for the reconciliation of the parties - the ex-official paid 50 thousand rubles covering non-pecuniary damage.



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