Ex-Minister Abyzov reluctant to cooperate with investigators

Ex-Minister Abyzov reluctant to cooperate with investigators
Mikhail Abyzov

The ex-Minister also refused to testify.

Former Open Government Minister Mikhail Abyzov, accused in a case of theft of 4 billion rubles ($63.2 m) and creating a criminal community with the use of official position, refused to cooperate with the investigation and testify, Moskva agency reports from a courtroom of Basmanny Court, where the issue of extending Abyzov’s preventive measure is being considered.

“He did not admit his guilt, does not cooperate with the investigation, does not give explanations, refused to testify,” said Sergey Stepanov, investigator of special cases of the Investigative Committee of Russia, asking that the arrest of the former official be extended until October 25.

Earlier, Basmanny District Court extended the arrest of Mikhail Abyzov until July 25. In addition, money and property of the ex-official in the amount of over 20 billion rubles ($316.2 m) were seized.

In the framework of the ex-Minister’s case, Alexander Pelipasov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of First Construction Fund, Maxim Rusakov, Deputy Director General of Ru-Com, Galina Friedenberg, Deputy Director of Economics and Finance of REMiS, Nikolay Stepanov, former Director General of Ru-com group, and Sergey Ilyichev, ex-Head of Regional Electric Grids were also arrested.

According to the investigation, Abyzov together with his accomplices deceived the shareholders of Siberian Energy Company (SIBEKO) and Regional Electric Grids (RES), which produce and transmit electricity in the Novosibirsk region, for 4 billion rubles ($63.2 m). This money, as established by the investigators, was funneled abroad.



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