Ex-leadership of Russian Basketball Federation makes profit of banquets, movies, ads

Ex-leadership of Russian Basketball Federation makes profit of banquets, movies, ads
Yulia Anikeeva

Investigators have finished a criminal investigation into the embezzlement of tens of millions of rubles against the federation’s ex-president Yulia Anikeeva.

The ICR Main Investigative Department in Moscow has completed a criminal investigation against the former president of the Russian Basketball Federation Yulia Anikeeva and its chief accountant Mikhail Kocharyan, who died due to an illness in the fall of 2016. Defendants in the case stand accused of stealing tens of millions of rubles (part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code).

The case against the ex-head of the federation was initiated on December 29, 2015 at the request of a basketball player Andrey Kirilenko, who replaced Anikeeva in August of the same year. He accused his predecessors of leaving the organization in huge debt. Kirilenko claimed that an audit had revealed questionable civil transactions with individual entrepreneurs, as a result of which the federation lost a total of 127 million rubles. It should be noted that the case was under control of the First Deputy Head of the ICR Main Investigative Department in Moscow, Major-General Denis Nikandrov, who is now in prison on charges of taking a bribe from a crowned thief Zakhar Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy).

According to Kommersant, at first investigators relied on the statement of Andrey Kirilenko and suspected former leadership of the federation of committing 12 fraud episodes, and the case involved four suspects. In addition to Anikeeva and Kocharyan, they ran investigation into former executive director of the gederation Dmitry Domani and a businesswoman Elena Silina, who had been rendering accounting services to the fedration’s fictitious contractors. However, Domani’s case was separated after he had fled, and recently the investigation has been completely stopped. Silina’s case will be considered in a special manner, as the woman cooperated with the investigation and testified against Domani and Kocharyan. It should be noted that the criminal prosecution of Mikhail Kocharyan was not terminated in connection with his death, because his family did not agree to it on non-rehabilitating grounds.

Apart from the reduced number of persons involved, there have been other changes in the process. Anikeeva and Kocharyan have been ultimately charged only with 2 episodes out of initial 12. Some peculiar episodes, like that of a number of contracts with the Federation of Russian billiards, have been dropped from the final indictment. In his statement, Kirilenko argued that about 5 million rubles had been stolen for the purpose of filming movies about basketball coaches Yevgeny Gomelsky, Yevgeny Pashutin, and Anatoly Myshkin. It remains unknown why the billiard players were supposed to be making those films.

In the final indictment, Anikeeva has been accused of organizing the theft of 36 million rubles for holding receptions and celebrations, as well as for the rent of LED-screens for advertisement in the town of Novogorsk in 2014-2015. Kocharian was posthumously accused of fraud in the amount of 18 million rubles during repair works in the building of the federation in 2013-2015, as well as of signing fictitious contracts in the amount of 1.2 million rubles for the provision of medical services.

In turn, the protection of the defendants insists that the charges have not been confirmed in any way possible. According to Anikeeva’s lawyer David Hechyan, the case file does not contain an act of the audit of the federation’s financial and economic activity, which Kirilenko referred to in his statement.

Anikeeva, who currently remains under house arrest, and representatives of the deceased Kocharyan have completed familiarization with the case materials, consisting of 20 volumes. In the near future it will be sent to the prosecutor for confirmation of the indictment and subsequent transfer to the court.



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