Ex-host of court show Vladimir Reznik arrested for two months

Ex-host of court show Vladimir Reznik arrested for two months
Vladimir Oreshnikov-Reznik

The lawyer was arrested while trying to fly from Moscow to Minsk; he has been charged with swindling.

The Moscow Basmanny court has arrested the former host of “Sud Idyot” TV show (the Russian for “The Court is Now in Session") Vladimir Reznik (formerly known as Oreshnikov) on charges of fraud. Reznik, who already had a fraud conviction, has been incarcerated by the court until December 26.

According to Rosbalt, last week Oreshnikov-Reznik was detained under a criminal case brought against him by the Moscow Investigative Committee. The lawyer-host has long been a focus of interest for the law enforcers, the newspaper stressed. Having both Russian and Israeli passports, Reznik could travel abroad with either one. Upon his arrival in Moscow in November, showing his Israeli passport, the lawyer was arrested while trying to depart from the Russian capital to Minsk.

According to the case file, Oreshnikov-Reznik received 4.6 million rubles from a businessman accused of illegal banking activity, who could face a criminal sentence. Oreshnikov promised to pass the money to a law enforcement officer, who could settle the matter, as he said. However, according to the investigation, the accused kept the money.

In 2011, FSB-detained Oreshnikov-Reznik was charged under the same swindling article, said Rosbalt. After he served two years and was released, the former lawyer changed his last name from Oreshnikov to Reznik and received a license of the Tyumen Regional Bar Association to be able to practice again. It did not stop him from further criminal involvement, as it turned out.



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