Ex-Head of the Ostrovnoy fish plant tried to get around taxes

Ex-Head of the Ostrovnoy fish plant tried to get around taxes

Former CEO of the Ostrovnoy fish plant tried to "save" 28 million rubles.

Former head of the CJSC Rybokombinat Ostrovnoy Natalia Kashkarova is suspected of tax fraud. A criminal case under Art. 199.2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Concealment of money or assets from which the tax could be paid) has been initiated.

Investigators believe, that Kashkarova, being aware of tax liabilities of the fish factory, during the period from August to December 2015, tried to prevent the collection of the company’s funds in repayment of shortage, despite the fact that it violates Art. 23 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation. The former CEO conducted payments with counterparties, sending letters to debtors of the company. These actions allowed her to "rescue" more than 28 million rubles from enforced collection. This sum was enough to pay off the debt.

Mass checks started at the plant after complaints of former employees on constant delays of wages and harsh conditions, which they had to bear. On the basis of the complaints, criminal cases on nonpayment of wages, inappropriate actions during bankruptcy, abuse of power and embezzlement against heads of the plant were initiated. After some time, the employees appealed to the President with a new request - to stop destruction of the plant. There is no any other workplace on the Shikotan Island.



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