Ex-head of Rosatom subsidiary convicted for bribery in US is deported to Russia

Ex-head of Rosatom subsidiary convicted for bribery in US is deported to Russia
Vadim Mikerin

In 2015, the US court sentenced President of TENAM Corp Vadim Mikerin to 4 years’ imprisonment. In exchange for kickbacks worth $1.7 million, the top-manager would provide the same company with contracts for transportation of Russian uranium to the United States.

Russian businessman and top-manager Vadim Mikerin, convicted for kickbacks on uranium deals in the US, has been deported to Russia, TASS reports.

It was US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Justine Whelan who reported on the deportation of Mikerin, who used to head TENAM Corp, the American subsidiary of Rosatom's affiliated company Techsnabexport.

According to her, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement deportation officers in Washington expelled the convicted criminal Vadim Mikerin, a Russian citizen, to his country on May 18.

It was previously reported that Vadim Mikerin, who had been sentenced to 4 years’ imprisonment in the case of bribery in concluding uranium deals in the US in December 2015, was released. In total, Mikerin’s sentence was 2.5 years – the court included the period of his pre-trial detention when calculating the duration of the prison sentence and released him ahead of schedule for the absence of breaches of prison regulations.

After the release, the Russian was immediately transferred to an immigration prison for further deportation. The Russian top manager was accused of receiving $1.7 million for granting contracts for the export and processing of Russian weapons-grade uranium for $33 million out of competition to the same company. Uranium processing programs were conducted within the framework of the intergovernmental agreement between the Russian Federation and the US, known as ‘Megatons per Megawatts.’

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