Ex-head of Promsberbank rolls on protection from Central Bank and Deutsche Bank

Ex-head of Promsberbank rolls on protection from Central Bank and Deutsche Bank
Former Head of the Deutsche Bank Russian subsidiary trading Tim Wiswell

The criminal case of several billion embezzlements from Promsberbank, as part of which the ‘shadow banker No. 1’ Ivan Myazin has been recently detained and arrested, can become one of the most ambitious investigations into the underside of the banking business.

Ex-Chairman of Promsberbank CJSC board Boris Fomin has testified against former Deutsche Bank Top Manager Tim Wiswell, who provided a channel for the transfer of ‘dirty’ cash flows through Deutsche Bank from Russia. This is reported by Rosbalt.

According to the publication’s source in law enforcement bodies, Head of the Deutsche Bank Russian subsidiary trading and US citizen Tim Wiswell would receive $100 thousand a month from the authors of laundering scheme. In exchange for the money, Wiswell carried out transactions with securities and currency via Deutsche Bank, which was part of the schemes for the withdrawal of funds outside the Russian Federation. According to Fomin’s testimony, he transferred the money to Wiswell several times. 

The Central Bank of Russia revoked Promsberbank’s license in 2015. The MIA Investigative Department believes that in 2015, shortly before the bank’s license was revoked; its management started to withdraw funds. Ex-Head of the credit organization Boris Fomin was detained in the fall of 2017 after two years of being wanted. Immediately after his arrest, he agreed to cooperate with the investigation. Having concluded a pre-trial agreement, he gave exhaustive evidence against his accomplices, together with whom, according to the investigation, about 3.2 billion rubles ($51.3 million) was withdrawn from Promsberbank through fly-by-night companies.

After investigators from the FSB and MIA checked the information provided by Fomin (which took them a few months), one of the largest shadow bankers Ivan Myazin, who had previously been a witness in the case, was detained. It was Myazin who was the actual owner of Promsberbank and who personally gave orders to withdraw funds from it.

Rosbalt’s sources note that after the exhaustive testimony of Fomin, the detention of Myazin is only the tip of the iceberg. The former chairman of Promsberbank board, who has cooperated with Myazin since 2006, revealed the numerous persons who had to do with the underground cashing out, laundering, and withdrawal of vast sums of money abroad, as well as the protection provided by the Central Bank to shadow structures.

According to him, Myazin and co-owner of Promsberbank Oleg Belousov had created firms, in which cash was withdrawn under the guise of loans to transfer bribes to the Central Bank of Russia. As Fomin said during questioning, Ivan Myazin would agree on each such investment with the protection from the CB, so there was no question raised during Promsberbank audit. In exchange for the bribes, representatives of the Russian financial regulator failed to notice illegal operations on the withdrawal of funds abroad. According to Fomin, such banks as Russian Land Bank, Russian Credit, and Deutsche Bank were involved in this.

Allegedly, it was Ivan Myazin who arranged the protection of investment companies’ activities on the withdrawal of funds abroad using his connections with the CB. Apart from the Central Bank, the ‘shadow banker No. 1’ had extensive contacts in law enforcement bodies and the Federal Commission for Securities Market active at the time. As estimated by the investigation, a total of 3.2 billion rubles has been withdrawn from Promsberbank and transferred abroad.



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