Ex-head of Dr. Liza foundation called criminal case against her "framed by order of ICR general" 

Ex-head of Dr. Liza foundation called criminal case against her "framed by order of ICR general"
Ksenia Sokolova

Former President of the charitable organization Dr. Liza's Fair Aid Ksenia Sokolova, who is currently in Germany, said that since February 2018, the Investigation Committee “has been following her without reason.”

Former Head of the charitable organization founded by the doctor Elizaveta Glinka, Ksenia Sokolova, is confident that the criminal case initiated against her on charges of abuse of authority and misuse of the foundation’s funds is fabricated.

She wrote about this on her Facebook page, commenting on the response of the Investigative Committee to the request of the Human Rights Council (HRC) about the progress of the investigation of a criminal case in which Sokolova is suspected of abuse of authority.

The HRC reported on Friday that in relation to Ksenia Sokolova a criminal case is investigated under Part 1 of Art. 201 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, initiated by the statement of the former member of the board of Doctor Liza’s Fair Aid NGO N.S. Avilova and that it is under special control of the chairman of the ICR Alexander Bastrykin.

Ksenia Sokolova on her page on the social network in response stressed that "the whole story with the foundation of Liza is just disgust and meanness of a biblical scale."

According to her, after the death of the founder of the foundation Elizaveta Glinka, when the plane of the Russian Defense Ministry crashed on December 25, 2016 in Syria, her husband and employees of the foundation asked Glinka's friend, Sokolova, to "save her business and lead the foundation", which she headed for a year and a half, 8 months of which on a volunteer basis.

"In the process, one of the employees, whose services as a personal PR manager were rejected by me, wrote a denunciation on me to the ICR. General of the ICR, a senior assistant to Bastrykin, who for some reason called himself a friend of Dr. Liza, did not just give this denunciation a continuation, but for almost half a year stubbornly sought to initiate a criminal case. 4 pre-investigation checks were conducted in relation to me. But the denunciation was so ridiculous from a legal point of view that the investigator of the ICR for the Central Administrative District of Moscow 4 times refused to initiate a case. Then the general achieved the transfer of materials to the Central Investigation Department, and there the case was still initiated and it is being investigated for three months already. Thus, ordered by the general form the ICR, under the personal control of Bastrykin, I have been openly persecuted since February, and they are trying to simply create a criminal case of abuse of authority and misuse of funds without reason, even though I didn’t even have the right for a financial signature," wrote Sokolova.

“For the reason that I did good to the people, these people wrote denunciation to law enforcement agencies on me, lied, did all sorts of meanness behind my back, went to forgery and in fact to a raider seizure of the foundation, after which the case was initiated. About the general – a separate conversation," the former head of the foundation of Dr. Liza wrote.

In her post, Sokolova does not mention the name of the general of the Investigative Committee, on whose order, in her opinion, a criminal case was fabricated, but earlier in an interview with MBKh-Media, she said that the criminal case against the foundation was connected with personal dislike of her by the ICR General Igor Komissarov, senior assistant to the chairman of the ICR Alexander Bastrykin. 

Igor Komissarov

ICR General Igor Komissarov

According to Ksenia Sokolova, Komissarov helped Elizaveta Glinka in her activities, and disliked Sokolova herself after one unsuccessful joke.



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