Ex-deputy head of Rosgeology Gorring to be placed in preventive detention without privileges

Ex-deputy head of Rosgeology Gorring to be placed in preventive detention without privileges
Ruslan Gorring

The accused has been taken to an infirmary in Kashira.

Ex-deputy head of Rosgeology Ruslan Gorring has been taken to a remand prison #5 of the Federal Service for Corrections in Moscow region located in a town of Kashira. At the present time, Gorring accused of swindling is under quarantine.

“We take over the control of Gorring’s placement in an infirmary. We will do our best to check that he spends his term there on the usual terms and strictly in accordance with the law and the internal rules of conduct,” head of the public monitoring commission in Moscow region Anton Tsvetkov told Intefax.

The former senior executive of Rosgeology was detained on March 8 at Vnukovo Airport before his departure to Sochi. The investigation theory is that Gorring could be an intermediary while illegal allocation of a land plot in Moscow region.

The Investigative Committee of Russia determined that in 2011, Ruslan Gorring (the man changed his last name when was hiding from investigation) received a bribe from a local businessman who wanted to launch business activities in Moscow region. He had to transfer this amount to a chairman of Leninsky district Board of Deputies Aleksander Gazeykin. However, investigators detained him when he was transferring the money. Ganijev confessed and was released on parole. His accomplice Gazeykin was sentenced to a real term.

“While being on a wanted list, Ganijev changed his last name and father’s name to Ruslan Gorring; his close relatives did the same,” the Investigative Committee stated.

On March 9, Domodedovo city court of Moscow region arrested Ruslan Gorring for 2 months on accusation of swindling committed by an organised group or on an especially large scale (item 4 of article 159 of Russia’s Criminal Code).

Gorring was fired from Rosgeology in late January. It was caused by a video showing him using swear words and telling about work in a state corporation, sexual relationships with subordinates and meetings with business representatives - in particular, with an owner of NOVATEK Leonid Mikhelson.



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